Thursday, August 7, 2014


08h30am : 06h00pm, Hall

Session MS4-1: Mozilla Firefox OS, Firefox Android, Firefox Aurora

09h00am : 11h00am, Room 1

Session MS4-2: Contribution des ONGs au dévelopement économique et social

09h00am : 11h00am, Room 2

Session MS4-3: Educational policies, dissemination of knowledge and school climate

09h00am : 11h00am, Room 3


11h00am : 11h30am

Plenary MSP5 : The Role of Association of African agricultural Professionals in the Disapora (AAAPD) in African Agricultural Revolution

11h30am : 01h00pm, Room 1
Andrew Manu, President of AAAPD, Iowa State University, USA


01h00pm : 02h45pm

Social Activities: Visites

03h00pm : 05h00pm

Rencontre MaliWatch

05h00pm : 06h00pm