Mali Symposium on Applied Sciences

Instructions to authors

There are no constraints regarding the presentation of the papers for the MSAS'2000 conference. However, to get a proceeding of good quality that is readable, we recommend the following guidelines.

Presentation and length of the text : The text of your paper should be single or double space. You can also use the guidelines of others conference (e.g. IEEE, AMS, SIAM, ...). For the length of the paper, we suggest not to exceed 10 pages including illustrations (figures, graphics, photos, tables, ...).

Texts Format : We suggest the use of a world wide text processing program such as WORD and LaTeX. You can then send the source file of type *.doc, *.tex, *.fig, *.eps, *.dvi, ....

Files names : To manage and record easily your papers in our data base, we ask you to respect some constraints regarding the file names. The names of your files must begin with "msas" followed by the identification number of your paper. For example, the names of the files to be included in the proceeding are "msas010b.pdf" and "" for the paper number "010". All papers received by MSAS'2000 organizers have an unique identification number which consist of three figures. In this way, the first seven characters of your files are the same. If you want to compress your files, group them together in a file "" ("0xy" is the identification number of your paper).

Important date : Please send the complete full text of your contribution before June 15, 2000 by e-mail. Do not forget to include the identification number of your paper in the subject of your message.