Mali Symposium on Applied Sciences

Mali -Information Sheet

Map of Africa

Here we like to provide you with some basic informations that will help you enjoy your stay in Bamako, the capital city of the Republic of Mali

Country Description : Mali is a developing West African nation with a democratic government. The capital city is Bamako.

Entry Requirements : A passport and visa may be required. All travelers must have international vaccination cards with a current yellow fever immunization. Travelers should obtain the latest information at the nearest Malian embassy or consulate.

Information on crime : The level of violent crime remains low, petty crimes, such as pickpocketing and simple theft, might happen. There have been limited reports of incidents of armed robberies and banditry in Bamako and outlying areas. Map of Mali

Photography : Photography is no longer restricted, except for military subjects. However, interpretation of what may be considered off limits varies. Other subjects may be considered sensitive from a cultural or religious viewpoint. It is helpful to obtain permission before taking photographs in Mali.

Currency Regulations : The currency used in Mali is the CFA Franc. Currency exchange facilities may be slow and often involve out-of-date rates. We recommend that you carry with you cash in French Francs (FF), 1FF=100 CFA. Credit cards are accepted only at major hotels, a few travel agencies and selected restaurants. Cash advances on credit cards are performed by BMCD Bank in Bamako, but only on a "VISA" credit card.

Telephone Service : International calls can be easily made from anywhere.

Exportation of Artifacts : Mali is signatory to the Treaty on Cultural Property that restricts exportation of certain Malian archeological objects, in particular those from the Niger River valley. Visitors seeking to export any such property are required by Malian law to obtain an export authorization from the National Museum in Bamako.