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Bamako : du 30 juillet au 3 août 2006


The fourth Mali Symposium on Applied Sciences (MSAS'2006) will be organized by MaliWatch in partnership with Nepad Council (NC) and the Mali Ministry of Education. It will be held at the University of Bamako from Sunday, July 30, to Thursday, August 3, 2006. The conference will be open to students, to researchers in industry and in the academy and will enable engineers and scientists to present their research findings. The conference will cover applied sciences in a broad sense.

Scientific topics :

  1. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
  2. Information and Communication Technologies
  3. Engineering Sciences
  4. Environmental Sciences
  5. Agriculture, Livestock Management and Rural Development
  6. Mechanical and Civil Engineering Applications
  7. Medicine, Life Sciences and Public Health
  8. Economics and Finance
  9. Social Sciences
  10. Education and Languages
    Note : One assumes that agriculture includes both farming and animal husbandry (livestock).

The symposium will be divided into three events: Mini-symposia (organized by scientific disciplines), Plenary Sessions, and Special Workshop Sessions. These events will be coordinated to provide a comprehensive and well-balanced program.

The goal of the Special Workshops is to stress interactive and open discussions in preference to sequential presentations. It should bring together a group of knowledgeable people focusing on current or potential 'hot topic' of interest to our society.

Plenary sessions consist of an invited introduction 50-minutes tutorial, in addition to contributed papers presented. Presentations will be in the form of presented papers and/or poster displays.

Mini-Symposia provide a format for a focused exploration of particular issues or techniques within a traditional presentation framework; in these cases too, adequate time should be reserved for questions and general discussion.

Abstract and Scientific Program :

Plenary Sessions: Participants to the Plenary Sessions should send (by e-mail) an extended abstract by indicating the title of the presentation, the complete address of the corresponding author (name, mailing address, fax, telephone and e-mail), keywords and scientific subject to the address below. The Extended Abstract, which should not exceed four pages, has to clearly explain the approach and the results of the research, and present a compelling case since it forms the basis for the acceptance or rejection of the paper. The papers will be published in the conference Proceedings and will be available at the meeting. The deadline for the submission of the papers is January 15, 2006. An announcement of acceptance/rejection will be sent on February 15, 2006. The scientific committee will evaluate all submitted papers and decide which ones will be given as oral presentations or presented as posters.

Mini-symposia: A mini-symposium will consist of (at least four, and at most 6) 25 minute presentations with 5 minutes for discussion after each. Prospective mini-symposia organizers should submit a proposal consisting of a title, description of the theme of the mini-symposia (not to exceed 150 words), and a list of potential speakers with the appropriate affiliations for each. The proposals will be reviewed by the conference organizing committee and chosen based on its appropriateness and diversity for the conference. We suggest that the organizer gives the first lecture in the mini-symposia. Each mini-symposium speaker should be prepared to submit information, including a title and an extended abstract similar to the one for Plenary Sessions, by January 15, 2006. Deadline for mini-symposia submission is: December 15, 2005

Workshops: The workshops will be organized on proposition basis. To propose a workshop, please submit the following information to the MSAS Executive Committee at the address below :

(1) the name(s) of the organizer(s) ;
(2) the title of the workshop ;
(3) a description of the subject matter indicating clearly the relevance to the society.

The descriptions of accepted workshops will appear on the MSAS'2006 web site as they are received. Attendees are encouraged to check this list and to contact the organizers of any workshops in which they are interested in participating. In addition to recruiting participants and moderating discussion, workshop organizers should be prepared to submit a short report, summarizing the presentations and discussions, to the MSAS Director of Publication by February 15, 2006. The organizers of a workshop should endeavor to bring together as braod a range of pertinent viewpoints as possible.

Registration fees : Their amount depends on the registration date :

  1. Registration before march 5, 2006 :
    Students living in Mali (proof required) : free of charge
    Participants living in Mali : 2000 FCFA
    Participants living in other African countries : 3000 FCFA (Students pay half)
    Other participants : 20 US Dollars or 20 Euros (Students pay half).
  2. Registration between mars 6, 2006 and mai 5, 2006 :
    Participants living in Mali : 3000 FCFA
    Participants living in other African countries : 5000 FCFA
    Other participants : 30 US Dollars or 30 Euros.
    Students pay half (proof required).
  3. Registration between mai 6, 2006 and august 1, 2006 :
    Participants living in Mali : 4000 FCFA
    Participants living in other African countries : 7000 FCFA
    Other participants : 40 US Dollars or 40 Euros..
    Students pay half (proof required).
  4. Registration after august 1, 2006 :
    Participants living in Mali : 5000 FCFA
    Participants living in other African countries : 10000 FCFA
    Other participants : 50 US Dollars or 50 Euros..
    Students pay half (proof required).

Lodging : Hotels and guest rooms will be made available in the area where MSAS 2006 will take place.

Scientific Committee : Prof. Diola Bagayoko (Southern University, USA; Director, The Timbuktu Academy), Prof. A. bretaudeau (IPR/IFRA, Bamako, Mali), Prof. Dialla Konaté (Virginia Tech, USA), Prof. Harouna Maiga (University of Minnesota, USA), Prof. Daouda Sangaré (Université d'Abobo, RCI), Prof. Ogobara Doumbo; (FMPOS/CNAM, Bamako, Mali).

Deadlines :

  1. December 15, 2005: submission of abstracts for mini-symposia organizers
  2. January 15, 2006 : submission of papers
  3. February 15, 2006 : notification of acceptance/rejection to authors

    Additional Information : For further information, please check MSAS website at
    or contact :

    F. Seydou, Ph.D.
    University of Maryland, College Park & University of Oulu (Finland)
    Tel : 358 40 778 35 34
    e-mail: Fad Seydou